2000 Gold Pyramid Award
International Award Category: Internal Programs 
(More than $10 Per Recipient)

Client: Associates Housing Finance

To raise awareness of the company's core values and encourage employees to participate in a program that recognizes quality performance.
Strategy & Execution:
Using an apple theme, Associate's Housing Finance adopted an employee incentive program entitled, "Successful to the Core."  Each employee received a t-shirt that displayed the company's core values and philosophies, an apple stress ball, and a behavior profile describing the "Successful to the Core" ideals.  Employees were asked to nominate fellow employees who exhibited "core values" by placing those names in an apple suggestion box.  Nominees received wooden apples and were recognized by having their picture displayed on an "apple of our eye" bulletin board.  Every quarter, one nominated employee was presented with an acrylic apple by the division head at quarterly meetings.  With employee-driven nominations at the heart of the program, this campaign received instant and enthusiastic support from the targeted employee base.
First launched in January 1999, the program is still in use one year later.  "Successful to the Core" continues to generate total employee participation.  Awareness of the company's core values is at an all-time high.

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